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Ancaster Hair Colouring


Do you find that your hair is never the colour you want it to be? Have you tried at-home hair colouring systems but it never works out like it says it will? There are many problems that can occur when colouring your hair. It could be that the texture of your hair makes colouring more difficult or that you need to lighten the colour of your hair before applying the desired colour. Alternatively, perhaps you need a deep conditioning before starting or it could just be a matter of practice.

The important question is; are you willing to live with your mistakes? If you are not 100% confident in your ability to colour your hair, then why take a chance? Deb 'n Hair has been expertly colouring hair since we first opened. Our colouring technicians are professionally trained to make sure that our Ancaster clients find the hair colour they are searching for.

Temporary, Demi-permanent, Semi-permanent, or Permanent hair colouring- no matter what direction our Ancaster clients wish to take with the lasting power of their hair colour, Deb 'n Hair is there to make it happen.

Besides full hair colouring treatments, Deb ‘n Hair also offers:

Lowlights: Do you like your hair color but want to give it more depth? Lowlights are the answer. By deepening the shade of some of the strands of your existing color you will bring out the rich undertones your hair possesses.

Highlights: Want to show off your brighter side? Highlights accent your existing color by bringing forth more vibrant color tones.

Balayage/Ombre: This multi-shade hand painting technique changes the colour of your hair from root to tip instead of from strand to strand. This lived-in hair style is low maintenance as the roots are blended as the hair grows naturally.

Cap Highlights:

Cap highlights have changed from those painful rubber caps from the 80's. Our highlighting caps are more plastic based and are more gentle on the hair which allows us to apply the colour through the entire length of your hair, using the same strength developer, at one application. Cap highlights are perfect for those who love a full head of highlights but want to be more eco-friendly!